Show us Where You Live Friday

Kitchen Edition

My kitchen is one of my favorite places in the house. We have only been here for two years and so it is still a work in progress. To be two young newlyweds who just graduated college, I think we have a good start. Definitely not how I would like it to end up. Now being in "The Real World" we will be able to decorate our house how we would like it, and not just what we can afford! It is ours, and so of course, I LOVE IT!!

This is the left side of our kitchen. Too many things on the counter for me, but Drake insists we need them all! I hate clutter! I tried to take a wide pic of the entire kitchen but the window is too large and made the entire picture black...

This is the right side of our kitchen. I love our flat top stove even though it is a pain to keep clean. In our next house we will have more cabinet space because it seems as though we never have enough!These three pics are a few of my favorite things in our kitchen. I love everything monogrammed so it was only appropriate that we have a monogrammed utensil holder. The plate is from our wedding that our guests signed. It means a lot to us, especially since my maid of honor, Alison, made it for us. Being in the south, you have to love palmetto trees. I received this palmetto tree paper towel holder as a wedding gift and absolutely love it! It looks perfect in our kitchen! Thank you Linda!

These are our 3 place settings. I absolutely love the monogrammed ones with my husband and I's monogram. The Grimm's and Carter's gave them to us! Perfect!! The other two are Gamecock colored Spode place settings that we registered for, for our wedding! Can't wait until the other 4 arrive!! Yay!!


  1. Love the monogrammed. Nice kitchen!

  2. Hi McKeever. It's Brittany Giametta. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it. Of course, I came across your post with the plates that my shop did for you. YAY! I am so glad you like them.

    Looks like life is treating you well. Congrats on your job. You look so happy and your home looks great.

    I have a and my shop is of monogrammed and personalized things. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your summr!