Birthday girl in the middle...Em and I hogging the camera!

Last night we were invited to a surprise party for my friend/coworker Kim. Her husband called and asked us to her surprise party last night at M Cafe. We had a great time and ate good food! (I hate that I left my to go box at the restaurant- dum, dum, dum, dum) Would have been a good lunch! Kim was so surprised! So happy to spend a great night with friends!I wanted to get her something cute so I saw this WONDERFUL bin at Target. Who doesn't love a pink and green combo?? I had to add a little "Cobia" touch to I added her monogram. Wouldn't this make for a great cooler on the back porch??Happy Birthday Kim!

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  1. I know, I know!! I saw that and since last year I bought about 10 (!!!) of those madras tins, hubby would have killed me if I had bought anymore. It is soooo cute.