Busy Saturday!

We had such a fun Saturday. We took Coy to the doggie park-illegally! Who woulda thunk it that you had to pay a park fee and the doggie park fee, for a fenced in yard. That is all it was! I would rather take him to our lake house! We could have done with out this part of the day!
Later that afternoon the bestie and her fiancee came over to grill salmon. It was my first time ever eating salmon and it wasn't bad. I mean, I don't think it was wonderful! Kinda tasted like chicken but doens't everything?? So nice to have them over. My favorite part was glancing at weddig dresses online. I love, love, love it!! How much fun?

The soon-to-be Gauthiers decided we should go to Frankie's Fun Park with all the 14 year olds in town on a Saturday night so they could hit softballs... They are so becoming obsessed. Both boys hit and the bestie. They all did so well! Remind me not to go back there at night. The husband brought his own bat and a girl came over and took ours. When we realized she had it he went over and told her it was ours. She acted like she wanted to beat up us with her eye rolls and smacking of her mouth! Grow up! Sigh...

We had a great weekend that went by fast! I hope yours was great too!

PS... Happy Birthday to the the BEST SIL!!! Love ya!

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