Oh my gosh!! So the husband and I were watching tv yesterday and the newest snuggie commercial was playing. Not only is this commercial to die for is ridiculous. The husband and I were cracking up!! If you didn't know they now have a zebra and cheetah print snuggie for the fashionistas! Ha!! Anyways, the people who were wearing the snuggies were "raising the roof." Remember that... the ridiculous dance where you move your arms up and down. They were also "widening the walls" like the husband would saying. I have never gotten up in the morning and gotten ready while dancing and the husband and I hitting butts together. They were bumping in their snuggies! The people in these commercials are probably dying seeing themselves on tv but I guess it is money. I am seriously thinking about buying one just for s. a. g.! This is my new favorite commercial. Please look for it so you can have a good laugh! If I catch one of you out at a USC football game wearing one of these I am going to pretend like I do not know you. Seriously!! In the commercial they wear theirs out but that doesn't mean it is acceptable. I tried to find the video on you tube but the commercial might be too new. Just look for it. I hope this provides all of you with a great laugh this Monday morning. Have a great week!!

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  1. I'm buying my mom a snuggie for her birthday. Shes gonne look super cool... Anyway they have them in that As Seen on TV store in Columbiana