Yes, It's About the Looks

Has anyone seen that new show that comes on ABC, Dating in the Dark?? It is cracking me up! If you haven't seen it, three women and three men date each other in dark rooms. Of course, alcohol is involved. They can ask questions and feel each other but never see each other. Each guy picks a girl he wants to see in the light and the same for each girl. After they see each other they decide if they want to go back out. If so, the man stands on the balcony waiting for her to open the door but if she chooses not to, he watches her leave the house. Seriously... I would never go on that show. They say you shouldn't judge a book by the cover but realistically, we all do it. And I am so not kissing a guy in the dark that I can't even see! What if he was busted?? I just think it's so funny that they are pushing them to find inner beauty but I haven't seen a show yet where they have chosen each other. I really don't see this show lasting. I mean come one... The guy always says I think I really like this girl and we have such a great connection. Then they see the girl in the light and say, yeah that connection wasn't really made. I am not ready for a relationship. Yeah, we know what's going on! Well, even though I think this show is a bust, I like trashy tv so I will still watch. Why couldn't we have thought of this show?? Money, money, money, money, Money. I'll just stick to teaching... making nothing! Ha! At least I love it! Almost as much as trashy tv! Ha!

Doesn't this look like fun?


  1. I watched a little bit of Dating in The Dark the first week it was on. I thought it was pretty funny too. I would never go on that show!

  2. I meant to watch it last night and got distracted. I'd never go on that show. I'd also never date a guy I found to be...unattractive. I mean nobody wants ugly babies!