Dogsitter for Hire!

The past two nights the husband and I agreed to dogsit our friend's golden retriever. Well, I agreed and surprised the husband. It was his best friend's dog so it was fine. I have always wanted two big dogs so I thought this would make for the perfect trial and error. Well the dogs had a blast, but towards the end of his stay the furbaby was tired of sharing his momma's love! He is the furbaby in the house and he wants it to stay that way. The furbaby is a big dog to me, being a chocolate lab. I knew retrievers were large but Max tips the scales. They both decided to  lay on the bed with me and Max took up most of the bed! I have learned in the past two days that the husband was right. Did you say, "The husband was right" softly under your breath? That is how I did said it! Yes, the husband was right and I just don't think we could handle two large dogs right now. They were great together but too much work and too many legs running all over the place. We trialed and we got error!

Sidenote-Do you ever have those days that you just can't wait to be over? Today is that day. Nothing to do with the dogs but you know I will spill when allowed! Can't keep you fellow blogger friends in the dark! 

Have a great weekend and be safe!

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