My First Blog Awards!!

Update: So I am supposed to pass these awards to 7 people each but I think that is a little much and I was looking at the blogs I was about to award and the blogs I was going to give them to just received it as well. We must be in a little circle clique. Ha! The Honest Scrap Award goes to.....
This is such a wonderful blog and oh do I adore it.

The Kreativ Blogger Award goes to...
I have recently found this blog and my soul mate blog and love it. Go check both of these blogs out!!

I have to give a big thanks to High Heels and Huntin' Boots Blog for awarding me not one, but two blog awards!!! Yeah...two!! How big did my ego just get?? Ha!! Thank you, thank you! I would like to dedicate it to all 31 of my followers in hopes of getting more!! Hah!! I am not serious...or am I??

The rules are as follows...
1) Thank the blogger that gave you award. Thank you, Cassi! I have loved reading your blog and truly appreciate the sweet gesture!!
2) Share 10 things that your blog readers may not know about you. I am not too shy so most of you might already know somethings but I will try to pull some skeletons out of my closet! HA!
3) I am supposed to present this award to 7 bloggers I find brillant in content and/or design, or those whose blog has encouraged me.

10 Things You May Not Know...
1. I am a total neat freak. I have gotten better but hate to have any clutter or "junk" in the house. If it is left on the counter it is thrown away! 
2. The husband and I bought a house together 10 months after we met!! Glad it worked out!
3. I still sleep with a stuffed animal, Popple. It is a flop-a-lot but I am not sure they still make them. And yes...Popple accompanied me on my honeymoon.
4. I would rather wear a dress or skirt everyday of my life. I like jeans occasionally but I just love feeling girly!
5. I have a horrible shopping addiction. When I get bored I fill the void by shopping.  I have sense been on a budget and not allowed to buy anything!
6. I do not like wearing the same outfit twice. I did really well with it last year to school but the husband told me I might have to wear an outfit more than once. Bummer! 
7. I LOVE Kathy Griffin. I think she is hysterical. I could do with out all that cussing but she is so witty and fast at her comebacks. It would take me days to do th at!
8. I do not like curse words. Maybe I am prude or too girly but I feel as though I sound ridiculous if I do. I am not hard core so I would never pretend to be. 
9. I bite my nails like there is tomorrow. I have tried everything. I quit for the wedding but after that, it was all downhill.
10. I could have anything and everything monogrammed. If I ever have amnesia at least I know my initials!!


  1. YOU Still have a POPPLE!?!? I used to have some. I loved them! I have a blanket still that goes EVERYWHERE with me!
    I am a huge nail biter too! If my husband sees me doing it, he calls me out, but I can't help it. I have NO nails! THey are soft and brittle to start with though!
    I enjoyed reading about you!

  2. i still have my popple!!! it's a blue elephant and he is in perfect condition with his little shirt and all :)
    like ashley, i sleep with a blanket and bring it everywhere with me, haha!

    i love kathy griffin too, her show is fab. she is too FUNNY!

  3. YAY for your awards! My next one is going to you :)

    By the way, your eyelashes are amazing!!

  4. I are so much like me it's scary....Popple? Hate cursing? Habitual nail biter? Shopping? Haha it was like reading about myself!!

    Have a good weekend!!

  5. Love your list!!
    And you won't believe this, but I have an award for you posted over at my blog! Sorry about the timing:)

  6. Congrats! I made my first post yesterday. It's nothing special yet, but it is a work in progress...

  7. Congrats on your awards!! I just came across your blog and I love it. Im now following ;)

  8. Congrats Girl!!!!!! This is amazing...go celebrate and get yourself the Louis Vuitton!!!

  9. have GOT GOT GOT to see Kathy live if you haven't already. I've gone twice now and she is incredible live!!