For the Love of the Game...

So the husband and I were asked numerous times to come and watch a former student play coach's pitch. We agreed and went and met up with his mom. I love going to see my children out side of school. They seem so surprised that you don't live outside of the school. I saw a few of my other students play and they were wonderful! I am so blessed with such a great community of parents and kids. We have such a great connection and open communication. I loved how the boys would hit the home base over and over before they would actually swing. Maybe they think this will make them hit better...I don't know... Anyways look how cute they are...

I am so thankful that my kids enjoy me so much to invite me to their activities!!


  1. Aww that looks so fun! Little ones are so enthusiastic and "professional" with their sports.

    Glad you had a good time!

  2. That's so sweet! Feels great to be so wanted :)