One of Those Days Continued...

So yes, we have compromised on our...I mean my spending, the husband and I...for good reason. I do have a closet full of anything I need! Well the husband and I were paying bills today and it was so nice to be able to pay companies extra money to be out of debt faster. It was so nice to throw in an extra $50-$100. I can see this budget in progress now and I am so proud of the husband for having to stand up to me so we could work towards being debt free. Thanks babe! I do have to say that when I talk about us being on a budget I feel as though we are so deep in debt but then I talk to friends and hear other's stories of how much in debt they are and thank gosh that the husband and I are only barely in debt. Life could always be so much worse!! Soon we will be debt free except a house payment and student loans and it will be lovely...until I get my new car. Ha!

So, how are we doing it? Well WE wouldn't be if the husband was not tough with me. I saw Suze Orman speak once that you should sit down and see which credit card has the highest interest rate. Whichever does, you need to pay that one off first. If you are paying your Visa $50 a month and it is the highest interest rate of all your cards, pay this one off first. Once it is paid off put the $50 you were giving to Visa and put it towards your next highest interest rate card plus the minimum payment on that card. Eventually you will be debt free.

Please don't take any of this seriously. I really did hear Suze say this and the husband and I are doing it and it is working, but I really should be the last one to be giving advice on money! Just a suggestion!!


  1. I love Suze!! I have a couple of her books and her tips on budgeting are very helpful!!

  2. I really like and respect Suze Orman. I think she has such good, practical advice for people!

  3. haha. I hear you on the budget and the husband being the one to "enforce" it. My husbad is the strict one between the 2 of us, and even though I complain about it A LOT, We would NEVER have been able to buy a house if it were not for him. Well, I mean, I am the one with the near perfect credit (Because I DID have credit cards and used them!) ha, because he didnt have credit cards, he had no credit! :) But, he was the one to save a down payment for our house!
    Sometimes, my husband makes me feel like I am far in credit card debt, but then I just compare myself to my friends who have way more! :)
    It is not always fun, but you will FEEL SOOOO GOOD when your debt is paid off! I love to see my credit card balance go down! The non-fun part: it only goes down because I agreed not to use it anymore! :)

  4. I really think it's great that you're buckling down and working on getting out of debt. That is a goal that is at the top of my list. The fact that your husband watches what is being spent is a great thing. I think I need mine to be a little tougher on me ;)

  5. I totally agree on her way of paying off credit card debt. Dave Ramsey says to start by paying off the card with the smallest balance first. Then we pay that off you take the money from that payment and put it towards the next smallest credit card debt. It's supposed to be a snow ball affect. I think it's bull. You should totally pay off the one with the highest interest rate first, that way your not adding more to your debt by keeping that card around!

    I'm not sure if that makes sense, but oh well. Good luck with your debt diet. It's worth it in the long run!

  6. Pay those bills off! Its the best thing. My husband has started a budget for us and it has been working great. (kind of) It is had for me to resist shopping but then again we are just girls. haah good luck