The Reason I Love SEC Football!

So yesterday the husband and I went to some friend's house to watch the Gamecocks play! Yes!! We beat Kentucky!! Yay!! Well I don't mind watching the Gamecocks play because that's my alma mater...but, I am done after the Gamecocks. My attention span is not that long! Well...we kept on watching SEC  football! I love the SEC but I am a girl who is not a fan of sports! Sorry! But...while I was watching, bored out of my mind I realized why I love SEC football. Not only do the Gamecocks play in the SEC and all other great Southern teams but have you ever noticed that the SEC logo looks just like a monogram? Crazy I know...but oh so wonderful! Just look...

Crazy...and yes...I am loving it!


  1. I love the SEC for many reasons, and I just added this one to my list! I am a new reader, and I just wanted to let you know that your blog is adorable!

  2. Ha!! Love it! Hope you have a great week! = )

  3. haha! I love that! And I love SEC football! :)