What Could Be Better Than This?

Dear Handpicked,
    I love your store so much! The jewelry, the gifts, all of it. You are a store after my own heart! You have put my two favorite things all in one! Yes, chapstick and a monogram. Could it get any better? Thank you so much!
      A chapstick & monogram addict


  1. OMG talk about heaven for me!

  2. Oh lordy, now you've got me addicted to Handpicked! I saw about a dozen or so things that I want right now!

    New addiction, lol.

  3. Ooooh fun!! I LOVE chapstick in the winter.. and I too love the monogram. Good call, Handpicked. Good call indeed.

  4. i could use some chapstick and with a monogram it would be even better! how fun!

  5. Oh heading to their site now! I love me some chapstick and monograms as well! Have a great day XOXO