Winter Party!

Today was our last day of school for the year of 2009. The day started off great. Our principal delivered hot chocolate to the teachers and the PTO gave each teacher a gift card to Barnes & Nobles! Nice...

At the end of the day we celebrated our Winter Party with yummy treats and goodies. My gift to the children were these:

I thought they turned out well.
I received such sweet letters and presents. I am so blessed to have the children and parents that I do. They were more than generous this year! Tell me I am not lucky:

SC Book Ends

"C" Ornament

Monogrammed Coffee Cup

Serving Platter with Utensils

San Jose's Gift Card

Reindeer Chow


Coffee Cup

Reindeer Flag

Beautiful Flowers

Tootsie Roll Wreath

Vase with Ornaments from my Secret Pal

Target Gift card

Hand Picked Gift Card
Gift Certificates
Snow Globe
 Christmas snow globe

Necklace from HP

I am one lucky teacher! Thank you again to everyone who helped with our party and brought me such sweet gifts!! There were other gifts that I received like candy, cookies, and chocolate and you know those got put to good use! Ha! Happy Early Christmas!


  1. Wow, you made out nice! You've already had your Christmas before ours have begun :)

  2. What great gifts! Your students & their parents were really creative! They definitely gave me good ideas for fun gifts!

  3. Love the ornaments you made! It gave me an idea for when I start teaching! :) What nice the tootsie roll wreath!!

  4. Wow, such beautiful gifts you receiveed!!! I love the book ends and the monogrammed mug.


  5. hit the gift jackpot.....BUT you deserve it :)

  6. You have some fantastic parents!

    Oh, and I love Handpicked! I thought they were only in Charleston! In fact, I'm wearing some earrings that I got there right now! I miss shopping there!

  7. Wow, that is some great loot! :) You
    re a very lucky teacher, but your students zare very lucky also to have you as their teacher. :)

  8. Wow, look at all of your great presents!! You are so blessed to have amazing kiddos in your class, just as they are blessed to have you! I love the ornies that you made them, they are so cute!

  9. What wonderful gifts! I looooove the ornaments you gave your precious!

  10. I salivated upon seeing the Tootsie Roll wreath!

  11. wow that's a lot of great things!
    I look forward to my teaching days ;)

  12. You racked up with the Christmas gifts! You must be a GREAT teacher :).

  13. You must be a pretty awesome teacher!

    The ornaments turned out great.

  14. Those are just is obvious that your students and their parents love you. Great job on your ornaments. Enjoy your vacation.

  15. Your kids must LOVE YOU-- you got some fun and very cute gifts!!