Otis Spunkenmeyer

Dear Otis Spunkenmeyer,
   Oh how I love your chocolate chip muffins. They are so yummy yet so unhealthy but it doesn't even matter. You are hard to find at stores but when I do I get really excited and stock up. Recently I found you at the grocery store and I knew my week was going to be good. Monday morning I woke up excited to have...

Until I opened one up and it looked like this...

Yes...it had mold on it! Not on just this one but ALL of them. My week was not the same. Sad day!
Your faithful follower (not for much longer),
*Yes, I did take them back and I will write the company*


  1. Ewww..... I hope you took them back... and maybe wrote the company!

    Sorry you got that big disappointment on a Monday morning. That always stinks.

  2. OH NO!!! That's horrible. I remember my father used to always get the most amazing chocolate chip chocolate muffins at Sam's Club. He would get a TON and put them in the fridge to help them keep longer. (They didn't last long around our house mind you!)

  3. That is disgusting! I love them too, but definately going to be weary about eating them now.

  4. No way!! What a bummer.....I hope that they give you FRESH muffins for a year :)

  5. Oh No!!! I'm so sorry this happened! I love their muffins too! Maybe they will send you a lifetime supply of fresh baked ones :) If not a lifetime supply, then maybe a HUGE box of fresh ones!

  6. Oh my word! That is just not good! I think your letter should say this: Dear Otis Spunkenmyer, You fail. That is all. Thanks.

    And, it should be complete with a picture of that pitiful, moldy muffin. Ha!

  7. Oh no, that is so horrible! I love chocolate chip muffins too, the Sam's ones are really yummy!

  8. Ewww, that's awful! I hope they give you a year's supply for your troubles :)