Blog Funk!

So I really had no topic to write about today! Am I losing my blog touch? Do I really have nothing to say? Seriously...I think I am tired...I don't know...I'll be fine! So...what's been happening in my life...

1. The husband and I are not completely un-tech like... We got this hand me down IPOD from my dad! Sad day my dad had one before me.

2. I already broke my New Year's much for no nail biting!

3. Report cards go out this week along with Dominie testing at school- shoot me now!

4. I "ellipticalled" 7 miles today.

Then proceeded to come and and eat 3 slices of Little Caesar's pizza and baked chocolate chip cookies and ate 5.  All that work for nothing!

5. I am officially annoyed at these:

They have officially been banned from my classroom.

6. Is hoping a republican fills the empty Senate seat.

7. I am running out of things to sew.

8. Am I in a funk or what? Help me baby Jesus!


  1. I'm sure those silly band things would have been banned from my classroom long ago...I do not miss those days and I fear for when Mini #1 enters "those days."

    YAY for your ellipiticalling least you even out, so bonus for you!

  2. good job on the 7 miles!! woo hoo!

  3. If you need a newer iPod, I am giving one away today on my blog!

  4. 7 miles! You go girl! I also hated those stupid silly bandz bracelets! We sold them at my work because way too many parents were asking for them. We recieved 2 shipments and said NO MORE! it is crazy how people actually get mad and get tantrums if they dont have them! many teachers here have banned them too! all private schools in my city banned them before christmas. you will LOVE the pillowcases i am making!

  5. You go girl! I don't think I could last 7 miles on the elliptical!

  6. Oh my gosh, what is the deal with the silly bandz? I work part-time at Just the Thing, and I swear we have sold a truckload of those things since before Christmas. We sold out of them at the HOliday Market in one morning and had to have more overnighted. And I see absolutely no point in them!! Stupid rubber band in the shape of something. It's amazing what catches on as a craze!

  7. your so funny :)

    7 miles?!? youa re totally deserved the pizza and cookies (all 5 of them :))

  8. Aww, poor thing. These things happen. I always put up pictures when I'm in a blog funk, gives people something to look at haha.

  9. I don't even know what a Silly Bandz is... how out of the loop am I?! Way to go on the Eliptical!