Finally Caught Up!

I had a very productive weekend and have finally caught up on all my orders. They turned out FABULOUS! This little seamstress is all caught up and can begin working on new orders. 
Drum roll please... I'd like to introduce to you...The "Katie" Dress...
It is the same concept as the "Hannah" Dress but with an added flair of extra ribbon. The price is $22.00


  1. Congrats on a completing your orders!! I know it was a weekend full of hard work! The "Katie" dress is too cute!

  2. Hey Mckeever, I cant find any checks (ive had the same box of checks since high school so apparently i've finally run out?) Is there anyway I can pay via paypal? or I can go and get one of those money order things? Let me know which one. I deactiviated my fbook for a few days so email me at