It's Just Not The Same

Dear 5 Points,
     I used to really enjoy coming to see you on the weekends. Sometimes you saw me on the dreaded weeknight. My friends and I were dressed to the nines with out a care in the world. Good times. Well, I recently attended a bachelorette party with you and it's just not the same. Was I really one of those girls who wore a minidress with no jacket on a night where it was 30 degrees? Don't those girls know they are going to get sick. As we watched the new wave of 21 year olds enjoy you, it just wasn't the same. Maybe when the husband says, "We are old and in the way" I think he was right. I am retiring you and leaving you for my memory; though some memories I would like to forget. Thanks for the good times.
                                          Old and in the way 25 year old

Exhibit A: Cute Dress

Exhibit B: Cold Weather

Exhibit C: Are You Crazy?

It's Just Not The Same!


  1. Yeah, I am not sure about what people are wearing these days. I feel like we used to get dressed up but we also looked appropriate for the elements! I guess we are just old married women!

  2. I didn't go to USC for undergrad, but now as a law student here, my friends and I go out to Five Points a lot. It is funny b/c I do think sometimes how I would feel going out with all the undergrads if I was back at UF in grad school. I would definitely feel old. I totally understand that feeling.

  3. I agree with you, if I have to wear a cute dress, I also have to wear a cute coat to go with since it's still too cold!

  4. That is a cute dress....ha.....isnt it funny how fast things can change?!? I am such an "old lady" now!!