OMG! Yesterday the schools closed early because they were predicting snow. I thought, I will believe it when I see it! We NEVER get snow! But, we did!! Yay! We got a total of 8.6" of snow! Love it! Couldn't have it all the time but every now and then it is gorgeous!
We were so excited for the snow!
The furbaby looks like I am hurting his neck... HA!
When we woke up...
The husband's truck...
Snow you don't want to eat!
You can tell how deep the snow is by my footsteps! Crazy!
The furbaby LOVED it!
After today it can go away! Ha!


  1. It looks just like that here!! I am really enjoying it because I know we won't get much more snow! Have fun!

  2. Love the snow pics! It snowed for about 20 minutes Thurs. night here in CS but did not stick! :(

  3. You look adorable! Love that coat. Cute pics! We even got snow down here in Charleston!

  4. I love the pictures! You look soo cute, and I love your boots! I cannot believe all of the states that have snow right now!

  5. LOVE your boots and coat!! You are so cute :)