Weekend Fun!

This weekend a good friend of mine came home from Spartanburg! We never get to see each other, so when she does come home we love all getting together. Her mom is one of the best cooks so she invited us over. They recently re-did their house...omg, it looks so good! Mama Carter deserves it!
A shot of the dress I made...the second round. First round I made it about 8 sizes too big! I love me some pillow case dresses. You can wear them year round!

Michael stole the camera...boys will be boys!
Mama Carter had this cake made for us since most of our birthdays are all in one week.Too sweet!
A break from playing pool! I think the husband has become a robot to taking pictures for the blog. Don't you like that fake smile?
Have a great week. Hopefully you are off Monday like the husband. Think of me while I am in Professional Development all day!


  1. love your dress... and yes the hubby is great at perfecting the "fake smile"!!

  2. Ok, I'm sold! The dress is so cute! I've seen the pillowcase dresses for little girls, but never thought of making one for me! Do you mind sharing how you altered the pattern?

  3. You look so cute in your pillowcase dress! I need one!

  4. Cute dress and that cookie cake looks amazing!

  5. The dress looks SO cute! Great job!!