3 Weddings and A Funeral...

Not really, but I feel as though we have gone to so many parties/showers lately. Last weekend was my mom's 50th surprise party. We totally pulled it off with out her knowing! Yay! Happy 50th Mom!
My mom, on the right, also received an award. Sorry, I can't recall what it was for. It has something to do in the running world. 
The husband and his mom.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Later this week I co-hosted a baby shower for a sweet friend who is about to have a baby girl named Houston. Love the name! We had a great time, with great people. Thanks for all who came. 
The other co-host, who is also prego.

Mindy and I could have eaten this whole thing! SERIOUSLY!

Maribel's sweet baby Sophie...

Sweetest ladies ever...Check out Rebecca's (middle) hot new hair cut...

Looking at the next pictures might make you want a baby or hurt Holly for having such good taste in decorating Houston's room!

Myself with prego 1 and 2. Don't drink the water at school!
Kathryn (left) is having a girl named Emily and Holly (right) is having a girl named Houston. 
More events to come. As I write, I had a wedding last night, a baby shower today, and a baby shower this week. Whew... maybe I need less friends...Ha!


  1. Girl you have been working hard to make everyone happy around you! I can't wait for you to have a big event so they can all do things sweet for you! You are a great friend and daughter to throw all these special events!

  2. Busy girl! Looks like you enjoyed it all though.. go get a pedi for all that work. You deserve it!

  3. Sounds like you have been busy! I love her bedding for her baby....so cute!

  4. Wow you do have a lot of friends! What a great problem to have! hehe

  5. Where did the funeral part come in? Did I miss something??? And was your Mom the one on the right in the pic above...or did she dye her hair? I have never seen her brunette! :)

  6. sounds like a lot of fun!! and such a cute nursery too! we do have a name picked but not sure if its going to be the final name yet :)

  7. You have been one busy lady! It looks like a ton of fun though! Stay away from the water.

  8. Sounds fun! Love the name Houston! Too cute!

  9. You've been a busy girl!! Looks fun...great pics :) That nursery is SO cute.

  10. You sound like me, busy with parties and showers! Great pics, looks like fun!

  11. How cute is that window treatment! :)