Meet My Friend Jack...

I was reading another blog yesterday and I saw where a blogger asked what were Jack Rogers. If you read my blog and you don't know what Jack Rogers are you need to go here Immediately before you tell anyone your secret. They are a must have Southern staple for the summer. I only own two pair but am dying for another. I can't make my mind up on the third color. Choices, choices! I have these two:
I am liking these...

I can't wait to own a pair of their new flats...
PHOTO: Thomas Iannaccone/WWD
After writing this I think it is finally time here to break out the Jack's for spring... Yay!


  1. OMG.... I never heard of them until now. My boyfriend will thank you for opening my eyes to a new shoe site. =)

  2. I broke mine out a couple weeks ago cuz I got a new pair and needed to break them in. LOVE these shoes!

  3. Ahh! I saw the flats at JTT this stinking cute!! I love the white- they are so fun but since you have the staples Id go with something like the pink and white- those are too know they have animal prints!!

  4. I have never had a pair, but have seen many people post about them. They are expensive, but I am determined to get a pair this year. :) I totally love the gold and silver ones you have and I would totally go for the pink and white ones. They are so cute!!

    Sorry for being MIA for a while. I have had so much grading to do and seem to not be able to get caught up, but I am blogging more again now.

  5. love those yellow flats!! sooo very cute :)