Supper Club!

We had supper club this past weekend and it felt like forever since having our last. The Diaz's hosted it this time. I really failed on my photography skills and only got three.
Sweet Sophie Rae's first supper club! Baby Fever! Ha!
Do I really look as frumpy as I think I do?
For once, the husband smiled!
Matt will one day make a great husband, oops- father!
I am so glad we all get together. We all have such busy lives it's nice to take a moment and enjoy each other. 


  1. do you know something I dont know?? I thought Matt was already husband...

  2. You look so cute!! Love the new background!

  3. Yes Mckeever you do look frumpy because you are burnt from being in the tanning booth too much. It will cause you to have cancer and will make you look old a lot faster.
    with great love,papa