Where are You STYLE Channel?

Has any one else noticed that the STYLE channel/network is no longer in existence? I kept trying to turn to that channel with no luck. I have Direct TV- is it just my network or is it all of them? Don't they know I am missing some very important shows...
Dallas Divas & Daughters

Giuliana & Bill

Kimora: Life In The Fab lane


Plus, there is a new show starting up... It seems so ridiculous I just might have to tune in- oh wait...I DON'T HAVE THE CHANNEL ANYMORE! With a name like Jerseylicious, I am sure this hair salon will not disappoint. Well, since I don't have my beloved channel anymore, please update me friends!


  1. Love G & Bill! They are so cute! It's so sad to see them struggle with getting pregnant.

  2. Bad Direct TV! I love the style network!

  3. I actually just found this channel this week and fell in LOVE!!!! I watched like 4 episodes of Dallas Divas and Daughters and I am DVRing almost all the other shows you listed!!!