I recently bought this...
I have used it a few time but haven't quite figured out if is works. At least it makes me feel like it's working.

and this...
Personalized Note Pad 5x7 - Scalloped Circle Initial
Cute notepads. Mine has a C at the top and on the bottom is says Mrs. Cobia. Too cute.
And this...
New Photo
Brown Croc Jack Rogers... Love them.
And this...
Personalized Hand Sanitizer
Yes, monogrammed hand sanitizer! Mine will say Mrs. Cobia in red and black.
And this... 
Acrylic Sticky-Note Holder
Last but not least there is no more of this...
Russell & Jeffcoat Realtors
We have decided to take the house off the market. We received an offer 7 days after listing it but think we are going to stay a couple of more years! Now you are caught up! Have a great week!


  1. What cute items you have just gotten! I love it all! I absolutely loved the monogrammed hand sanitizer..I need some of that! I love it! :)

  2. monogrammed hand sanitizer?!?!? this is the first time that I have seen that.....too cute...only you would have something like this :)

  3. I love, love, love the monogrammed post-it note holder!!

  4. I love those Jack Rogers!!! very cute! Sorry I haven't been around lately. The close to the end of the semester grading is killing me!! :) I just got caught up on your blogging though. My good friend dresses her girls in Mini Boden. Too cute!!! I'm sorry I didn't get to your email in time for the dress for my niece. :( Are you still making dresses?

  5. Love all your monogrammed things...too cute!

  6. Let us know if you like the heat zit thingy. I've been so curious to know if it works!