Another new camera...

Sony Cybershot DSC-W55
My camera has been acting funky lately. Every time you put new batteries in it it tells you that the batteries are dead. I have tried all kinds. No luck. The husband sent it back for me and come to find out the one year warranty ran out a month before I sent it in! Of course it did...The price to fix the repair was almost the cost of the camera- go figure. So we had to get a new camera. We got this one and I love it. Ours is red though. If you have this camera...can I take black and white pictures?


  1. We got a new camera this weekend too! My old one was one click away from falling apart (literally) and I had the same issue with the batteries. We went with a Nikon coolpix with the touchscreen. I L.O.V.E it but the touchscreen makes me nervous. I am pretty hard on cameras. I just hope I don't break it the first time I use it!

  2. I had this camera in pink. I don't think you could take pics in b/w but you can edit them into b/w in various photo editing programs. What kind of camera did you have that was acting funky? I have to admit my hubby and I have not had good luck with Sonys. Our most recent camera is a Canon (because my pink Sony bit it). It's been pretty good. Nonetheless, happy new photos!

  3. i have that camera and i havent found where to do that on the camera, so i turn mine black and white on my computer!