Thank you Dr. Phil!

Did anyone watch Dr. Phil today? The subject was on animal abuse. I mean seriously? What is up with people abusing animals and children? How could you not love them both? When I was watching Dr. Phil I was getting so aggravated. They had a man who was speaking about dog fighting and how it should be legal. He saw nothing wrong with putting two dogs in a rink and letting them go after each other. He said that dogs are born to fight and they don't let them get hurt. They showed horrible pictures of the dogs and for you to tell me all those scars and scratches are enjoyable to that dog must mean he is delusional. My heart hurt at the sight of those poor animals. I am so glad Dr. Phil did a show on this to bring more awareness and this horrible sport. The people who fight these dogs should be put in a ring and to fight for their life. How can you look at these sickening photos and think that this is ok? For once, thank you Dr. Phil!
This makes my stomach drop!


  1. Those poor babies! Oh my goodness I don't see how people can do this to animals! It is sick!

  2. I watched this yesterday too and it was aweful! I almost couldn't watch. That guy made me so mad!

  3. oh my gosh. one of my friends status's was actually "i am not okay with what was on dr phil today." so, of course, i had to google his show and those same images came up. NOT PLEASANT. how can people be so cruel? ugh, so sad.