DiSC- Which one are you?

DISC Personality Diagram
In my grad school classes it focuses on divergent learners-not all children/adults learn the same way. We took the test called DiSC which stems from Jung's Personality Traits and discovered- to my surprise that I am an "I". What is an "I" you say? Well, I am very outgoing, talk a lot, don't think through things, no patience. I didn't think this test would be right on but-oh was it. So, I discovered that the husband is a "C" all the way. Over thinks and analyzes everything. now your turn...I would love to know what you are!
Go here and take the test!


  1. I'm a S. What do you think?

    Supportive, steady, status quo, and sweet. This person likes to help and support others. They tend to focus on teamwork and cooperation over results

  2. So funny about the husband and you! :) I am also waaaaay an "I". Too true!!!

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