No talking while voting!

Did you vote today? The husband and I went this morning! I am not always current about politics-heck...who am I fooling? The way I vote... cute name, nice looking... you've got my vote! Am I kidding or serious?? Ha! Well, The husband is all in to politics and can tell you what each person stands for and so and so. I have a general idea and just kind of wing it. Well, today when we were voting the husband and I were the only ones voting. I voted for Governor and when I got down to Lt. Governor, I didn't recognize any of the names. I whispered for my husband to tell me who he was voting for and got scolded! "You may not talk while voting!" the lady said. "I just need to ask my husband a quick question on who he is voting for," I said. "You can't!" replied the woman. What? No one else is around, it's my vote anyways! So, I just picked.  It's going to be this lady's fault if I voted for a complete moron! Great! If only I had done my research! I know I am not the only one who votes this way... at least I admit it! What about you? Did you vote?

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