What A Busy, Busy Weekend...

The husband and I were slam packed this weekend. The brother was leaving to go back to his Pararescue duties. It was great having him here. We went to dinner at Yesterday's in 5 points. Hopefully the next 6 months will go quickly until he returns! Love ya!
Saturday we had two birthday parties and an engagement party. The husband and I only know two 1 year olds and of course their birthdays were on the same day! Who woulda thunk it! Anywho... we just had to make do. The first birthday was for our goddaughter, Savannah!
10 week old Zoe...
Savannah was all about that smash cake!
The next birthday was for this sweet girl, Claire! How sad that this was the only picture I got... (at least it's cute).
Then we headed to our friend Kristen's house. Her boyfriend emailed us all and said that he would be proposing and so all the friends met at her house to surprise her. She was blown away and in tears. Such a great moment! I could not be happier for the two of them! Congrats Kristen & Michael!
Patiently waiting...
The Bride to be and her mother...
It was a busy weekend but well worth it. I am so glad we have such great friends and family. I am so thankful that we get invitied to share these wonderful times in their lives! Now...Sunday...just relaxing until Monday... Oh wait... I am on summer vacay and will be doing a lot of relaxing. (Sorry if you are having to read this at work!)


  1. What a fun weekend!! Love the birthday pics! Those girls are too cute!! Congrats to your friend :)

  2. I remember my god daughter's 1st birthday just like it was yesterday and we are soon going to be celebrating her 3rd one in September. Where has the time gone? I love the pictures from the surprise party, what a wonderful idea!

  3. Fun weekend! Congrats to your friend!

    That's so cute yall are God parents, what a blessing

  4. How neat you are god-parents...so sweet! Sounds like you had a great weekend!