What Are You Good At?

Today I was watching MTV's made and a lady asked this girl what she was good at and the girl could not say one good thing about herself... I thought how sad... but then I started thinking about what I am good at... It really is difficult! I came up with this...

I am good at...
1. Being creative
2. Cooking, when I cook
3. Finding sales
4. Being a good friend
5. Good sense of style
6. Finding humor in things
7. Cleanliness
8. Organized

So...what are you good at it? What are your strengths?


  1. Good list lady!!

    I think it's good for all of us to think about the things that we're good at! It's good for our self esteem :)

    Happy weekend, lady!!


  2. Love your list! Even though I'm not good at something like playing an instrument or a sport, I'm good at other things like those on your list :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. you are also going to be good at being a MOMMY soon enough!!