What Could You Do with $50?

I bought the following...
Note Card Set...mine had lime green instead of pink and a "C" instead of this sorority.

Clutch/Wallet...tired of lugging huge purses around. Loving the orange...
A straightener case... Mine is lime green and pink but this was the closest pic.
So if I gave you $50, which I am not, what would you buy right now?


  1. I think I would buy new wicker cushions! I am dying for some :)

  2. Very cute stuff! Love it all.

    I would definitely need some new heels for work... I know, no fun.. I'm too practical! :)

  3. Cute stuff! I would buy a make up brush case and possibly the little note cards you bought :)

  4. I can't believe you have an orange clutch... so Clemsonish... I LOVE IT! :) Where did you find it?

  5. LOVE the orange clutch!! But it goes with everything! I would have probably bought it too ;-)