Are You a Freegan?

A freegan is someone who dumpster dives for food out of want more than necessity. Oprah had a show on it and it totally blew my mind that people were okay with taking home milk, bread, vegetables, meat, etc... that they had found in the trash to eat. There is no way. If I were homeless than I would probably dumpster dive, but I am not, so I won't be doing it. Do you know anyone who does this?
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  1. I actually wrote a paper on this in college once. It's an interesting lifestyle, isn't it? I know a lot of freegans have "rules" as far as what food is spoiled or not, but they believe that our country is very wasteful and there is clean, edible food that we're just throwing away. I, personally, could NEVER do that unless I had no other access to food.

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  3. I saw that Oprah too! It blew me away! The husband and I are both teachers and he is going to talk about it in his Economics class this fall. I can't imagine!

  4. I wrote an entire post on this when the episode first aired a year ago or so! Too funny! Nice to "meet you" by the way. Do we have a connection of friends?