12 Weeks!

** Mind you...this is in the evening!!**
How far along? 12 Weeks

Baby's size? Our baby is the size of a plum.

Weight Gain? 3.5 pounds...I take that back! Went to the doc today... only 1 pound gained!

Maternity clothes? None yet. I have only been wearing dresses...

Stretch marks? None, forever I hope!

Sleep? Sleep is good. Couple of bathroom breaks a night but I can't complain!

Foods I am loving? Red meat and pasta!

Foods I am hating? Noting.

Best moment this week? Having a second ultrasound in two weeks! Nice to know people at the doctor's office!

Movement? No movement yet, that I can feel.

Symptoms? I feel like my old self is back. I hear that happens around the second trimester!

Gender? I am still going strong that it's a boy!

What I'm looking forward to? Week 13!! The start of the 2nd trimester!!

Weekly Wisdom: Yes, you can put your arms above your head!

Milestones: This is the last week of our 1st trimester!

Emotions: Pretty emotional.


  1. Love your little belly!! The second trimester is fantastic...enjoy it!!!

  2. AW! so cute!! here comes the bump :)

  3. You look so cute!

  4. You look wonderful and are glowing!!! I cannot wait for you all to find out what you are having!

  5. OMG!! I love your bump!! You look so fabulous!! I am so happy that you have been feeling better!

  6. I loved being pregnant, seeing your pix's makes me really miss it!! You look so cute!!

    BTW you could definitely pull off the over the knee boot, I dont know about in the classroom but they would look good on you:)

  7. Oh sweetie, you look amazing! I can't believe that tummy at 12 weeks! I am seriously SO happy for you :)

  8. You are so cute pregnant! Congrats again!

  9. You look so cute :)

    Glad everything is going so well!

  10. YOu look so cute!! YAY for the 2nd trimester