I Finally Broke Down...

and bought these shoes...
It is the first time that I have bought shoes that were comfortable rather than stylish! OMG!! Let me tell you... I have never had shoes as comfy as these! I might not look cute, but I feel good!
While I was satisfying my feet, I went ahead and got me one of these too...
Feet, you are welcome!


  1. cute doesnt matter quite as much when you are preggers!!....but comfy goes a LONG way!!

  2. Where are those shoes/sandals from? I need a pair!!! My adidas sandals I feel like just aren't getting the job done when I come home from a long day of teaching!

    if you get a min, email me!

  3. Welcome to adulthood...when shoe comfyness is more important than style. ha! No really you can get stylish shoes and still have them be comfy.

  4. the most comfy flippies on the planet are Sanuk yoga mat flipflops! I promise there is nothing on earth like them!! You should get a pair I promise they are heaven!!