What A Great Win!

The husband plays on a softball team who call themselves, 
The team they played against was very fowl mouthed. They were yelling and making rude remarks. They were acting as if their "stuff" didn't stink. Not to mention, they had a woman in their cheering squad who was ridiculous!! Anywhoo...after all the bad mouthing the other team did, our MVP, Jeremy, scored a home run and brought another player home, winning the game, with a grand slam! I could not be more proud of these boys! They were good sports and played a great game! Shows you that good guys do finish first! I am so proud of Jeremy, Drake, Matt, Kyle, Thom, Daniel, Jon, Anthony, Josh, and Reggie!

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  1. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I am so glad our boys kicked their butts! :)