Easily Annoyed...

I have to admit, this pregnancy has made me easily annoyed at everything. I am just not as patient as I used to be... The littlest things seems to drive me crazy...

1. Driving to school yesterday, a lady wouldn't move over so I could change lanes!
2. A lady was sitting IN a stroller outside of the hospital I past to go home, smoking a cigarette, while her 2 year old sat on the pavement... really?
3.  An old man bought 5, six packs at the grocery store and emptied them into his cooler in the back of his truck.    He then, took all the trash and the cart, and left it there. Really... could you have not kept the trash or thrown it away?
4. When the husband takes too long to get ready for dinner. This baby is hungry.
5. My droid being horrible!!
6. The neighbors playing drums...
7. Stereos up too loud. I don't care what you are listening too!
8. When I am listening to The Ace & TJ show and my crazy radio cuts off!

1 comment:

  1. Number 2 is just wrong. That's like the child beating we witnessed in Tuesday Morning yesterday. I wanted to say "your child is probably hungry and ready for a nap given that she looks about 9 months and it's 5:30pm!"