Great Finds at Old Navy

I have been very disappointed in Old Navy lately until now... I showed you those boots yesterday but look what I just got...
LOVE IT!! Plus, pair it with those brown boots!! Look what else I found there that are now added to my wish list...
Whose ready to take me shopping?


  1. Dear "the wife",

    Does "the husband" ever get to buy anything he wants? Seems like you do all the buying in the family - just an outside observation from "the father"

  2. I got those boots a couple weeks ago! They are so stinkin cute and actually comfortable!

  3. Old Navy does have some cute things for fall! I recenlty got that teal cardigan and it's super cute!

  4. now if only the old navy near me actually had all these cute items!! i've gone 2 weeks in a row searching for the open front ruffle cardigan with no luck :(
    i think i'll check again this weekend...just in case ;)