Will's Diaper Bag

I FINALLY bound a diaper bag I love... this precious gingham diaper bag from Bailey Babies. 
The husband thinks it's too feminine, but I don't care. Now, get it monogrammed and wait for baby Will. 


  1. Funny, I got a diaper bag from Etsy. I also registered for, and received a Diaper Dude messenger bag. Adam didn't think it was necessary and he is just fine with using the one I have. However, I do like the messenger one when we go to places that I don't want to set my fabric one down on. Something about a rugged diaper bag is needed as well!

  2. My girlfriend has a son and her family said the same thing. To which she responded that this was essentially her new giant purse that will hold diapers and wipes for the next few years. Will isn't going to carry this- you are!

  3. Love it! Very cute!