What's Been Going On?

1. Wonderful dinner with some girls tonight.

2. A cough I can't get rid of.

3. A two day work week next week!

4. These are now available:
(White chocolate covered oreos)

5. Christmas is in 5 weeks! Yay!

6. I pre-registered to give birth...

7. I have heartburn with a vengance!

8. I take the glucose test in 4 weeks...getting closer.

9. I decided on a diaper bag. (Details to come...)

10. Had to make Grayson another bow holder, too many bows to just have one!

There is your quickie update! I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Friday tomorrow!


  1. OMG I would kill for those oreos!! I wish Canada had them!! You Americans get all the good food!! Jealous!!

    Your baby is going to have LOTS of hair with that heartburn!

    Ps: I am hosting my FIRST Give Away!! Make sure you check it out!!

  2. Those white chocolate covered oreos are amazing and something I always look forward to around Christmas time. I also love the oreos with the different color frosting - I just bought a box of oreo's that had the red filling for Christmas. And sadly, they are already gone (2 days later). LOL. Hope you have a great day!

    <3 Ash

  3. Those Oreos look so yummy! I am hoping to make some homemade ones soon!

  4. Bring a straw to the glucose test - life saver!

  5. Those Oreos are one of my favorite things about Winter! I cannot believe how fast Christmas is approaching on us! Have a great weekend!

  6. oh and really adorable maternity blog sale at http://sweettfamily.blogspot.com/

  7. You sound super busy and those oreos look delish!