You Can Make It Too...

So I had a lot of request on how to make the items in the post before this one. They are both so simple. The lamp was one I had for Will and I just bought a green shade. I hot glued pink pompoms to the bottom and ordered a vinyl monogram from here and stuck it on. The hair bow holder was just as simple. I bought the wood plaque at A.C. Moore and then painted it white. I hot glued the pompoms and ribbon on there too. I had a second monogram made from Dodi as well and placed it on top. Here is what the hair bow holder looks like today. 
Yes, that would be a total of 23 bows. Well, good bows are so expensive. I found this great deal on eBay to buy a "lot" of them. I only payed around $13.00 for all of them, including shipping. I bought mine from here. I ordered the 3.5 inch bows and wish they would have been a little bigger. Ha!! Hope this post helps you all. 


  1. I hope grayson has a full head of hair!

  2. Thank you so much for this!! I will be attempting it! AND holy cow do you have tons of bows already!! I have like 2! LOL!!

  3. Love it! I looked at the etsy site and love it too!!! I will be ordering some of the fancy monograms! You are so talented, where do you find the time? We better start praying now that Grayson has hair before she is two so she can wear all of those bows, but a good deal won't go bad!
    have a great weekend! Marie