Busy, Festive Weekend...

After the cookie swap I met the husband at another Christmas party. They had a White Chinese Elephant or whatever it is called. I thought my gift was going to be fabulous! Until no one wanted it and I ended up with the same gift!

The husband's gift was a hit... he brought the camo snuggie...

Next year the husband is picking out my gift!
The next day we headed to Florence for one side of the families Christmas... the only pic I remembered to take was my sister eating a chocolate and bacon candy bar...which is delicious!

Then Sunday we headed to another Christmas Party at The Lambert's...who is quite the hostess...

Loving Ashley's feather...

The fabulous host...

It was a busy weekend but tons of fun. Now for the next two weeks of doing nothing... Yay for being a teacher on Christmas break!


  1. You look so stinkin' cute!! Just beautiful :)

  2. You look great!!
    I want to rub your belly:)

    P.s love your purple sweater.

  3. you look so sassy! love the boots!

  4. I wish I had bought my husband a camo snuggie for xmas. He would have loved it. You look so cute, I love your boots.

  5. You all look like you are having so much fun with all of your Christmas parties! One of my favorite gifts to take to a white elephant is scratch off lottery tickets! It is something people don't like to buy but deep down they really love them. I think the best gift I have ever seen though was at a Tacky Sweater party I went to and one of the girls brought a goldfish in a bag as her gift!

  6. You look so cute and happy! White Elephant gift exchanges are so fun!

  7. Wow-I have been gone from the blogging world for awhile! Congrats on being pregnant! You look adorable!