New Diaper Bag...

After everyone's opinions plus the husband not thinking a tote would work out...we decided on a new diaper bag!  This one is from Buy Buy Baby...
It has compartments in it like y'all mentioned. I love the look of it and love that it can be used for baby #2...which will NOT be any time soon! I also registered for these to go with it...


  1. I love this diaper bag! It looks like it will work great for you and Miss Grayson! One thing that I learned during my diaper bag days (not that anyone asked me though lol) was that they get a ton of use out of them and you more than likely won't even want to look at the same bag for baby number two! I would just look for what is convenient and perfect for you now. Hope you're doing fabulous!

  2. Very cute diaper bag! I love Buy Buy Baby!

  3. Cute diaper bag, love the pattern and accessories!