Are you Kidding Me?

FYI: this is a venting post so if you don't want to hear it...STOP READING! 
Recently on Dr.Phil, a woman had been engaged 5 times and just couldn't commit. Her fiance was almost begging her to commit. If you have to beg then why would you want to marry him?
Anyhoo...this man was willing to change HIS name to her last name upon her request...
Is that not disturbing to you?? If a man was that "whipped" there is no way I would want him as my husband. Does he not think his friends will rag him?
I am sorry but that is just the saddest thing ever! Bless his heart! He will never be the same after admitting that on Dr. Phil.
Was anybody else shocked at this?


  1. Must of missed that episode!! My parents are friends with a couple that she never took her husband's last name. She's a vet. Said it was easier and less paperwork and her husband didn't really care if she took his name or not!

  2. That sounds awful, I'm surprised men still want to be with her!

  3. Why would you want to beg someone to get married, Find someone else.

  4. It took me 28 years to find one man willing to marry me how does this chick get 5 willing to marry her?! Obviously she's picking guys that have no backbone or her nipples taste like beer. Not sure which.

  5. Well I think the begging part is sad. You should not have to beg anyone - parent, partner, friend, etc - to love you. Ever.

    But I think the last name part is nice. Why do women automatically have to lose their heratige? I have no problem with women changing their last names if that makes them happy. But I love my last name and am the only one who can carry it on. There is no way I will change my name, nor would I ever consider having a different last name as my children. It's pesonal choice. Has nothing to do with trying to put a man down. I don't even have a man to put down. Simply a matter of wanting to proudly carry on my own family's good name.