Hormonal Maybe??

I am feeling so overwhelmed lately with everything going on...
1. baby
2. teaching
3. grad school
4. our planned nanny canceling
5. tutoring
6. the husband working- I feel so lonely when he is at work. I miss him terribly!!
7. worrying about family

No wonder I have been taking daily baths!


  1. aww hun it probably is your hormones!! but just think everything happens for a reason :) xx

  2. Baths were my number 1 stress reliever in
    I'm sorry you are overwhelmed
    Everything will be fine when Grayson arrives!
    Just keep your head up mama :)

  3. Oh girl, I know what you mean! I dont know if its this stage in our pregnancy or what! But I have been feeling the same. My hubby is a Bball referee in the winter months on top of his full time job, so he is gone ALL the time right now. I was like crying to him the other night, telling him how much I miss him when hes gone!! We shall just keep taking our baths!!! And hopefully these feelings will pass!! Take care sweetie!!

  4. don't worry! everything will work out and get done in the end....just like it always does! :)

  5. Hang in there... I bet lack of sleep doesn't help with all the stress... I have had plenty of people tell me that "it will all be worth it in the end." And I always say "I hope so!" And I know it will be, but keeping your head above water is tough. Hang in there!

  6. Oh I feel ya...and I don't have the stress of baby. Get some extra sleep and relax :)

  7. Totally understandable! You have a major life change happening and it's a ton to digest. I am right there with you. Like the new design!

  8. Baths are amazing... speaking of which, have you entered my Lush giveaway? $50 worth of bath stuff would go a long way :)