Class Baby Shower...

My wonderful first graders and their parents threw me a fabulous baby shower today! I forgot to take pictures while we were there but they did so much and it looked wonderful! Thank you all so much for everything. A special thanks to Marie for putting it all together!!
My corsage...
Our collection is growing!!
Bowl, cup, and bib set...
(Didn't I do great focusing the camera here?!)
I know I left out so many gifts but I had already put the others away!! Thank you all so much again. Grayson is truly blessed!!


  1. That is so sweet of them! I love the diaper cake they made.

  2. Everything is so cute! You got some great stuff :)

  3. You have a ton of diapers!!! I am so jealous! :)I love looking at all the pretty things you got! Grayson is going to be such a DIVA!!!

  4. How sweet! Grayson is one blessed girl already =)

  5. So cute!! What sweet kiddos to throw you a shower!

  6. Aww!! How sweet of your students!! You and Baby Grayson got some adorable goodies!! I just love seeing all the baby stuff! Too Cute!