Twice the love...

I recently received this fabulous award from Jessica over at Sweet Green Tangerine and Ashley over at The Whisonants.Go check out their super cute blogs!! Thank you so much ladies!!
So... now I have to tell you 7 things about myself that you might now know.

1. I call my father every day on the way to and from school. 
2. I hate's okay attached to me but finding a piece on my clothes, bed, table, or anything disgusts me!!
3. I love hot water! I even brush my teeth with scolding hot water. 
4. I get home sick easily. I never stay the night at friend's houses, I cried on a bachelorette weekend a couple of years ago, I cried on my honeymoon for my parents. It's ridiculous, I know. 
5. I have no gall bladder and no appendix.
6. I was born with out hip sockets and had to wear braces on my hips to correct them.
7. I only like drinking water out of a water bottle... no cup for me!

So...who to nominate?? I think you are all fabulous so I would love for you all to be nominated! Tell me one thing about our self in the comment section that I might not know about you!


  1. I can't stand to have anything on my hands,
    Lotion , food , rings , bracelets anything
    I wipe my hands after every bite of food and
    I germ x my hands constantly

    O.c.d I guess?

  2. I don't eat bread. Not because of the carbs, but because I think it tastes gross.

  3. I can't fall asleep without applying chapstick! It's so silly! lol

  4. When I was in my teens, my father and I was in the hall of his barn and we heard the song "When you say nothing at all" and we danced. Now anytime we hear that song I will call him or he will call me and we will just say "I love you" and put the phone up to the speaker so the other one can hear our song. That song has a very special meaning to the both of us.

  5. Your blog is awesome no wonder I nominated you too....Marie

    I love chocolate its my breakfast!

  6. I almost always order a "water with a lemon" when we go out to dinner. I'll squeeze the lemon and add a packet of Splenda...yummy FREE lemonade.

  7. I went skydiving! I find that hot water fact very interesting. It is probably better to brush your teeth with hot water too!