US Weekly Ads...

While taking one of my daily baths I was reading a US Weekly. I am a little odd and read magazines back to cover. In the back they usually have skanky ads and such but this issue had baby ads. So, of course I checked them out...

1. Mustard Pie Clothing
(This was as big as I could get them)

3 Tier Pocket PantOatmeal Patchwork Dress, Double Ruffle PantOatmeal Patchwork Dress, Double Ruffle PantPeasant Top, 3 Tier Pocket PantPuff Sleeve Shirt, Patchwork Pocket Skirt, Ruffle Leggings, Peasant Top, Apron Dress, Double Ruffle Pant, A-Line Tunic Dress, Ruffle Leggings2813Cupcake

2. Booginhead
(Splat Mats & Paci Holders)
Pink Lace w/ Pink TrimBrown Flourish w/ Brown TrimPink Bubble

3. Bella Monet Designs
(Personalized Birthday Outfits)

(Personalized pacifiers)
Orthodontic pacifiers, pink, latex, size 1

Orthodontic pacifiers in blue, light blue and green, latex

Orthodontic pacifiers in "girl colors", silicone

Symmetrical pacifiers in "girl colors", latex

The Peacekeeper, Elodie Details, Silicone

Cross-eyed Jolly - pink, Elodie Details, Silicone

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  1. A friend gave me some of those pacifiers and they are adorable! She says her baby loves them, too!