Are you Addicted to Shopping on Facebook?

I am! I am!
How could you not be? You check your Facebook feeds and sales just pop up...of course only if you are a member of that group. be honest... I only buy the outfits that are $20 which includes shipping... Yes, $20 including shipping for wonderfully smocked outfits. These are my addictions...

Lolly Wolly Doodle

Smockadot Kids

Curls and Twirls Smocked Boutique

Sweet Chick-a-Dee

The Pink Trunk Boutique

Smartie Pants Kids

Love it!! Too bad all Grayson's clothes couldn't be smocked. Anyone else LOVE smocked clothing?


  1. I love it too!!!!!
    There is so much more for girls, I look and dream!! Sometimes there are cute boy things too!!

    I love smocked clothing!!!

  2. My sister loves it and I will totally be passing on these names to her! Thanks!

  3. Ohhh these are all new to me! I am going to add them on facebook. A great one I love is Sweet Baby Tutu...lots of cute smocked stuff! Plus the RememberNguyen website has great sales a lot of times, and so does Little Lavender.

  4. Hehe, love them! I have a feeling it's going to be bad when I have kids--I'm addicted to shopping already!

  5. Lol, I think we have had this convo before about how much I spend on Facebook too! It's addictive while I am sitting here at work. CB wore her police car smocked dress from Lolly Wolly yesterday and it was super cute! If I'm having another girl, we may have to do some trading on these clothes ;) haha

  6. Adorable!! Love the last little dress!!