A Busy Weekend...

Friday night we had a nice evening at home. Grayson slept for 7 hours straight! Hallelujah! Saturday I had my second to last class of grad school... hallelujah again! I picked up my cap and gown and will officially look silly in it. My SIL and I headed for Old Navy to shop... a little disappointed but I did get some khaki shorts. 
Grayson enjoyed the shopping...
Saturday night we met The Maxwells at Wild Wings for supper.

Saturday night G slept through the entire night and it was fabulous!
Sunday I headed to the gym to reclaim my body! 6 more pound to go until my pre-pregnancy weight! My body still doesn't look the same (it might not ever) so I am getting it ready for summer. Then we went to an open house which was a BUST! Later we headed to the Maxwell's for a cook out. 

( I swear... I don't think Kelly takes a bad pic!)
But G did NOT sleep the entire night again... I guess we just got lucky once!


  1. Fun weekend! Thatcher had a few great nights around 1 month and then went back to getting up at night. However, now at 2 months, we have 5-6 straight nights of 7-8 hours....so Grayson may need just a few more pounds to stay full!

  2. Those two nights of great sleep are sometimes jsut what a momma needs!! I know Savannah has had about 2 nights that she slept for about 5-7 hours and it was heavenly! The first night I woke up and she was still sleeping I quickly went and checked on her to make sure she was ok!! I couldnt believe it that she was still sleeping!! Last night she slept from 9-2:30, then again from 3:30 to 6ish. I thought that was a pretty good night. Lets hope our girls will keep sleeping better every night!!

  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! Love your blue dress! Grayson is adorable!

  4. Trust me...I take plenty of bad pictures!!! I've never seen a bad picture of you either...ok I lied...the photo of us in our free t-shirts isn't the greatest of either of us! LOL

  5. She is so cute! I'm glad you guys got to go and hang out!