My First Mother's Day...

We had a busy weekend. I woke up to breakfast in bed and then got ready and went to my MIL's house.

 My MIL saw these gardening hats at Piggly Wiggly and thought we just had to have them! Ha!
 I got these two gorgeous bracelets from Drake and Grayson. I also received flowers at school.
 This one has Grayson's initials so I can pass it down to her! My husband is so thoughful!


  1. I LOVE your new haircut!!! I also LOVE your new bracelets! The silver one is on my HandPicked wishlist!!!

  2. You and Grayson look absolutely precious as always! Your husband is one thoughtful man. I love that he got you something that you can pass down to her. Absolutely perfect!

  3. cute pictures!! glad you had such a wonderful first mother's day hun!!