My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding...

Did anyone see this show on TLC?
Oh my gosh! It was ridiculous! It was like a wreck you couldn't stop looking at. Even Drake watched it with me.

These"travelers" have high morals when it comes to the opposite sex. No going off alone, no sex until marriage, no putting yourself in a bad situation...yet, they dress like this...
These women are brought up to get married at 17 and be homemakers. They wear over the top outfits for their first communions...
and their weddings...
I can not wait for the next one. You have got to see this!


  1. Oh my gosh, I had no idea about this! HA! I'm going to have to add it to my DVR!

  2. dying to watch this show, I have heard it is soo obnoxious!!!

  3. I am obsessed with this show BUT it desperately needs more subtitles!

  4. Have you ever driven through where they live down in Augusta? It always creeps me out!

  5. i had to watch this as well!! i was amazed at their life style. i thought gypsys only existed in borat! ha!